About the OneTree program

In 2014, more than 40% of tourists admitted that after the end of their holidays they were not fully satisfied with hotel service and holiday organization. A group of leading hotels decided to analyse tourists' expectations in an innovative way.

The Europeans' tourist preferences surveys were launched in February 2015. Eurorest Hotels is the survey sponsor.


The objective of the OneTree Research – We Explore the World project is to develop a general scheme of travel preferences among persons who plan longer retreat once a year on average. The action aims to improve provision of tourist services, which were described as the most important by responders.

This aim will be reached by the analysis ofcurrent preferences of tourists. Based on the opinions received from this innovative questionnaire, a specific profile of a contemporary tourist will be outlined.

To satisfy tourists to the greatest extent, the owners of tourist facilities want to know:
What does a contemporary tourist look like? Is he/she active or does he/she prefer relaxing while on holidays? Does he/she want to acquire knowledge, study tour guides and monuments or rather unwinding and relaxation are his/her preferences?

Through this initiative it will possible to develop these areas which are valued the most by respondents during holidays.


People associate typical forms and surveys with a tedious and time-consuming questionnaire. When they fill it out, they are tense, and, therefore, they give untrue answers. Therefore, in our survey, we focused on the form of an innovative and pleasant test, which moves the respondent's thoughts in the direction of a desired holiday. The modern OneTree questionnaire is a combination of a familiar text with photos that capture the respondent imagination, help to unwind and choose an honest answer which is the closest to his/her feelings.


In addition, to promote participation in the program, the survey sponsor allocated a certain pool of vouchers that entitle to 5 free nights at a hotel chosen fromthe hotel directory. With this voucher, the person who completed the survey will be able to make his/her dreams of perfect holiday true. The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of its issuance.